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Hot Isostatic Pressing (HIP) is a proven technology for heat treatment consolidation of powder and removal of porosity from castings. Common applications for hot isostatic pressing include defect healing of castings, consolidation of powder metal and ceramic parts or diffusion bonding. HIP can achieve 100% of maximum theoretical density, as well as improve the fatigue properties of critical, high-performance parts, such as aerospace components.
Stack’s unique HIP capabilities include combining HIP and Heat Treatment of special alloys, which avoids re-heating of the material. This enables tailored heat treatment cycles under pressure for superior quality and optimal material properties. With Stack offering the distinct combination of HIP and heat treating, we will continue our mission of providing our clients with industry-leading quality, delivery, and engineering services.

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Stack Metallurgical Group works with a number of experts and organizations in advanced manufacturing to further the use of the latest HIP and heat treating technologies in a multitude of  critical industries.

Small Modular Reactor Vessel Manufacture/Fabrication Using PM-HIP and Electron Beam Welding Technologies White Paper

By David Gandy and Craig Stover (Electric Power Research Institute)

Advanced Manufacturing to Enable the Next Generation of Nuclear Plants White Paper

By David Gandy and Craig Stover (Electric Power Research Institute)

“Why Hot Isostatic Pressing for Aerospace Components?” Infographic

By Stack Metallurgical Group, Technical Team

Stack Metallurgical Group Why Hot Isostatic Pressing for Aerospace Components? White Paper

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