Firearm and Ammunition Industry

Metal Post Processing for the Firearm and Ammunition Industry

With over 70 years in the metal post-processing business, Stack Metallurgical Group has the experience you desire with the track record you can trust when heat treating your firearm. Whether you are heat treating parts for rifles, handguns and other firearms, our certified heat-treating services will keep your firearm and ammunition project on target.

Our unique heat treatment processes result in a firearm with increased performance, resulting in improvements and an extended lifetime for the firearm components, also noticeably easier to clean and maintain after post-processing, ensuring that they stay operational and on target. Stack processes both large and small volumes of firearms components, if you feel Stack would make a great partner for your fire arm business please feel free to contact us for more information.


Common Firearm Components Stack Processes:

Firing Pins

 Metal Processing Services Stacks Offers for the Firearms and Ammunition Industry

Vacuum Carburizing
Stress Relief
Harden Temper

Alloys Stack Post Process for Firearm and Ammunition Industry

17-4 Stainless Steel
416 Stainless Steel
8620 Stainless Steel
12L14 Stainless Steel

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