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stack metallurgical headquarters

About Us

Stack Heat Treaters was opened on January 9, 1984. In 1995 our name was changed to Stack Metallurgical Services Inc., We started out with a couple of atmosphere furnaces and companion draws. Since then, we have grown into the most versatile provider of heat treating services in the Pacific Northwest.

Building on a foundation of Quality, Service and Competitive pricing, Stack has long sought to present to Its customers an attitude of trust and reliability with regards to the processing and handling of their material. This attitude is maintained by having all personnel consider themselves Customer Service Representatives, regardless of position or level of responsibility within the company. Our goal has always been to give the Customer more than they expect at a competitive price.

This circle of events allows us to grow while giving security to our employees and customers. In the simplest form, our Company's goals are:

  1. Do It Right (QUALITY)
  2. Do It On Time (SERVICE)

To perform our work in a Quality manner we must have quality systems, quality equipment and quality training. But most of all, we need quality people.

Each employee at Stack Metallurgical Services, Inc. takes personal responsibility and is committed to continuous improvement through the Quality process.

Every employee will strive to assure consistent conformance in meeting our customer’s needs and exceeding their expectations.


  • ASM International
  • Heat Treating Network
  • Metal Treating Institute
  • National Association of Manufacturing
  • AWMI (Association of Women in the Metal Industries)

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